Timo Polari
timo polari


Diane Galbraith (Chief of training, Globex Information Ltd)
“The strenghts of Timo Polari are his ability to custom-make his lectures to fit the world of his audience and also to create an intensive and inspiring atmosphere. Timo is genuingly warm and easily approachable. The lecture feedback is constantly very impressive."
Olli Lepänrinne (Magnumlive)
"Timo Polari custom-makes his appearances, in Finnish and English, for audiences of different backgrounds, according to their wishes and ogjects. His lectures are high quality in content and audio-visually, they entertain, inspire and move you.”

South Pole: The Destination

This lecture is based on Timo Polari’s over 30 years of experience trekking mountains, wilderness and polar regions. The main themes are, among others, human willpower, the development of one’s own resources and putting them into use, setting goals and achieving them, positive thinking and action, working in a group and team spirit, comprehensive self-development, enthusiasm and motivation.
Hanna Uusitalo (Fitlandia.fi)
"Based on the advance imformation, the expectations were high and they were filled many folds. I was impressed. The narrative, images and videos made me contemplate, emotional, I laughed, I cried. They gave me an enourmous amounts of energy, motivation and hope to fullfill my own dreams. I biked home with the tears of happiness in my eyes."


The rules of survival are the same in all fields of life: in wilderness, work challenges, bad divorces, economic difficulties, coping with illness and global uncertainty. Polari has his own comprehensive life experiences and he is also well acquainted in the universal themes of survival. Besides surviving the accident in Greenland, Polari has saved two people and himself from drowning and he had survived near fatal car crash. Polari did his pioneering master's thesis under the title “Mental endurance during a long wilderness trekking” (The university of Jyväskylä, The Institution of Physical Education, Finland, 1995)

Polari talks about how to anticipate and avoid crisis, accidents and difficulties and how to survive them. Sooner or later every person, community and business will encounter them.

Jukka Rautanen (Director of sales, Valtori)
"These days themes like “mental endurance and ability to overcome obstacles” are used also in business management. In these areas Timo Polari delivers a powelful presentation with total credibility."

the culture adventure

This lecture is the summary of Polari’s “culture adventure” project that took him seven years to complete. Polari biked ten weeks in Europe visiting some of its most famous cultural attractions gathering material for his project. With his concrete, down to earth, humorous and insightful style, Polari conveys to the audience why and how we can benefit from culture in our own everyday life.
 Petri Korhonen (Editor-in-chief, Otavamedia, Outdoor-magazine group)
"What comes to motivation, the question is to discover ones own abilities and skills, not forgetting to enjoy the process- in this kind of training Timo Polari is without a doubt one of the best in Finland. Polari possesses the skill to inspire the professionals in the right manner: without jargon and nonsense doctrines."